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Advertise with us!

We would love to have you advertise with us here at Rolleston Haircuts.

Our stats:

   - Audience represents a broad section of the Selwyn community 

   - 700+ people get their hair cut a week 

   - On average, customers spend 30 minutes on-premises 

Customer demographic (approximate): 

   - 30% above 65 years 

   - 50% between 18 - 65 years 

   - 20% under 18 years 

   - 40% women, 60% men

Your advert will be displayed on two 58 inches high-quality displays in the waiting area for 10 seconds as a high-quality static image or video. Each advertising cycle is limited to 15 minutes, so your image will be displayed a minimum of four times per hour.

​If you are interested, please send us an email at!

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